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We welcome everyone to our sport and in particular young children, who are encouraged to join clubs for general cycle handling skills and to further develop and mix with other children of their age in a safe and mildly competitive environment. Cyclo-X is a good place to start, well away from busy roads and overseen by British Cycling Registered Coaches. Most clubs have sessions that take place at weekends and, in summer holidays, often there are further sessions mid-week.

Photographs of children are only posted here with the express permission of their Parents. Look on the British Cycling web site to see how we protect children in our sport.

Please note that I am registered with British Cycling and have the DBS that is required to photograph children.

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Please scroll down to see listed events.These are up to 2017 as I have now ceased photographing as clubs have a photographer ready to capture their events.

Trike Association East and Old Skool (pre-1980) machines images 5th May are now here.

Images from the LRRA ‘30’ 28th April are now here.

All below are 2017 events

LRRA ‘30’ images 3rd September ‘17 are here

LRRA ‘25’ images from todays event, 20th August are here.

Bourne Wheelers images from their ‘50’ 30th July 2017 are here

Sleaford Wheelers Nev Crane Memorial’25’ images are now here and the presentation images are now in a separate gallery from here.

Sherwood CC Open ‘10’ images are now here in two galleries

Lincoln Wheelers Charity ‘10’ and National Youth Championship Lincs DC images are here from 8th July ‘17

Jack O’Conner Interclub ‘25’ images are now here from 4th July

Witham Wheelers ‘25’ images from 1st July are here

Spalding CC ‘25’ images from 18th June are here

Sleaford Wheelers ‘15’ held 11th June images are here

South Lincs Interclub images from 7th June ‘17 are here

Witham Wheelers Open ‘10’ images are here

Sleaford Wheelers Clubnight May 2017 images here

Lincs RRA ‘10’ images from today 21/05/17 are now here.

Lincs RRA 30 Two-up 6th May 2017 images are here

Sleaford Wheelers Charity ‘10’ images are here. 16/4/17.. More images of some riders on return leg and presentation added.

Some images from today’s Spalding CC Hilly 18 are here

Alford Wheelers Club ‘10’ images from 6th April here.

Alford Wheelers Open ‘25’ images 2nd April are here

Sleaford Wheelers Early ‘10’ images are here

Lincolnshire RRA & Middlemarkers images 19th March here

Alford Wheelers - Sleaford Wheelers Challenge 5th March 17 are here.

Lincolnshire RRA Presentation images are now here

Lincolnshire Cyclo-X presentation evening images are here


A few images from the Central League C-X in Corby 15th Jan ‘17 here and a great course it was too.

Lincolnshire RRA ‘30’ 4th September 2016 are here.

Team Swift Charity ‘10’ on the V718 28th Aug are here

Spalding CC Club ‘2-Up’ images are now here

Spalding CC Open ‘25’ images 24th July are now here.

Nev Crane Memorial images from 17th July are now here. Please note two galleries - click on link next to gallery for gallery two.

Sherwood CC Open ‘10’ 9th July are here and Lincoln Wheelers Charity ‘10’ are here

GHS District TT’s images from Lincolnshire are here

Lindsey Roads CC event 18th June 2016 are here

Sleaford Wheelers Ladies Night 16th June 2016 are here

Lincolnshire RRA ‘50’ images from 11th June ‘16 are here.

Sleaford Wheelers Clubnight images 26th May are here

Bourne Wheelers host their Interclub ‘10’ here

Lincs Road Race Round 2 11th May 2016 here

Rossington Wheelers Open ‘10’ 7th May are here

Sleaford Wheelers Club night 5th May are here

Bourne Wheelers club 10 images from 27th April are here

VTTA 25 images from 23rd April in Central Region are here.

Alford Wheelers Club Night 21st April images are here

Spalding CC Club 5 from 5th April are now here

Alford Wheelers Hilly 25 images are here from 3rd April ‘16

Sleaford Wheelers Charity 10 images 26th March are now here

Velo Club Lincoln 50th Anniversary Dinner images are here

Lincolnshire RRA Presentation images from 6th Feb ‘17 here email me for free file of your presentation on the night.

Lincs League C-X Presentation Evening images are here please email me for free file of your presentation on the night.